YLYB #12: Keeping It The Same

I have two Intro to Yearbook classes.  I can never keep them on the same page.  It’s only the first day of real instruction and I’m already off.  The two classes are not on the same page.  My students are learning “Yearbook Lingo” as I call it.  Terms like picas, bleedlines, gutter, and typefaces.  But I can never seem to keep it all on an even keel.  It makes me glad I’m not a teacher who teaches the same thing all day long.

We’re still in need of an editor for this year, looks like we’ll be interviewing tomorrow.  Lots of fun.  And finally, our new principal invited me to the pep rally meeting!  I was in the know and even got to put in my input on a few topics.  It was really nice to be included.