YLYB #17: Cameras Wanted

My photojournalism class is supposed to start taking photos this week.  But the problem is that my 11 tired old Canon point and shoots are sad and without batteries.  I thought we were going to get new cameras this year.  We are past due.  But with budget cuts all around, we probably are not going to get them.

It frustrates me when we don’t have the tools we need to educate the kids.  We are using cameras that are last cycle technology.  They are out of date and teaching with them is like using a 57 Chevy to teach driver’s ed.  The chapters on anti-lock brakes, air bags and power steering are kind of difficult to teach.  Modern photojournalism is the same.  We don’t even have SLRs.   We couldn’t afford them when we ditched our darkroom 8-9 years ago.  Back then DSLRs were too expensive, but so was our aging darkroom.  We had light leaks, old enlargers and needed a new silver trap in the sink.  Plus digital is faster.

But it is hard to teach concepts like f/stops, depth of field and shutter speeds without DSLRs.  I’d say that we can’t teach about 1/3 of the photojournalism curriculum due to technology limitations.  So, today I had to rethink my photojournalism curriculum to deal with the old, sad point and shoots.

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