YLYB #18: Contractually Obligated

Today, I turned my yearbook company contract over to the new secretary to give to the principal to sign and then send to the business office.  This should be interesting.  We’ve never had to do this before.  Yesterday, I went to an organizations sponsor’s meeting at the administration building.  There, we were told that all contracts had to be approved by the business office before approval.

I can’t wait.  [sarcasm]

This brings back nightmares of lowest bidder.  After 15 years, I’ve learned that any yearbook company can – should they choose to be – be the “lowest bidder.”  It usually means one of two things – terrible service or the bid isn’t worth the paper it’s printed on.  I’m not saying that any of the big four companies are dishonest.  It is the process that is messed up.  In order to win, you have to bid low.  So, they find a way to win.  Who can blame them.  But later, the book will spec. out at a higher price.  It’s the nature of things.

It also reminds me of the bad joke about the Space Shuttle – 4,000 moving parts, all made by the lowest bidder.  Do you want to ride on it?  Two have blown up.  Let’s just say I’m skeptical of the “lowest bidder.”