YLYB #19: Student Job Listing: Photographer

A fellow adviser asked me earlier this year, why I don’t post a syllabus on my web site for Advanced Yearbook.  The answer is that every year, every group of kids is different.  So is what you need to teach in order to get the book finished.  Some years I’ve had great, experienced photographers who can shoot anything, with little or no notice.  Not this year.

I need photographers.  It looks like I’m going to have 3-4 kids who “want” to shoot photos.  Only one is experienced.  None of them seem like they will be extra reliable or super enthusiastic.

Today, I asked, “Who wants to take pictures at the pep rally tomorrow?” and got a bunch of blank looks back.  I might as well asked, “Who wants homework?”  We may be in trouble on the photo front.

Being a yearbook photographer is an investment in time and effort.  It’s not a glamorous job.  It often means hauling moderately heavy equipment in hot, humid or wet conditions on Friday nights and Saturday mornings, while their peers are out having fun or sleeping in.  I’m really hoping my new recruits (Intro to Yearbook kids) will want to jump in and shoot some pictures.