YLYB #20: Pepped Up Pep Rally

It’s been a while since we’ve had anything like school spirit at my school.  Our last principal was too focused on testing, and our sports programs have not brought home a district championship in a while.  But our new principal is an alumnus and our first away football game was a victory.  So, the pep rally today was not only longer than in the past, but actually pretty peppy.

It was really good to see the students excited about something.  None of them remember pep rallies from before the old administration.  My news crew came together at the last minute – two video shooters and to photographers.  It came together great.  The crew for tonight is a little scratch too.  Two photographers and hopefully a VJ too.  The heat has dialed down too.   I’m excited, and hope the team wins and I hope we get great images either way.