YLYB #20.5: Equipment, Organization and Online

I don’t want to consider today a yearbook workday.  I did drop by the school to dump off all the gear from last night’s football game.  Sure, I could have done that last night, but the game ended at 10 p.m.   I live 5 min. from the stadium, the school is 15 min. each way.  I was tired.

So I took all the student cameras home – DSLRs and video cameras.  This morning I took them up to the school and unpacked everything.  My daughter (a junior at my school) had a choir car wash, so I had to go out to drop her off anyway.

I dumped all the photos onto a DVD and burned a copy to take home to sort and I took the opportunity to reset all the clocks on the cameras while the disk was burning.  One of the photographers had noticed that the date was wrong on their camera earlier in the week.  So, later this weekend I will be trying to upload the best of our photos to the Smugmug site, so that people can check them out.