YLYB #22: Staff Shirts

Today I got the final artwork for the yearbook staff’s shirt for 2011.  It is basically a low-res version of the cover, both front and back.  It has fewer colors, due to costs and it says yearbook staff on the front.  But I think it looks really good.  The price is right too, so we are going to use this same company to get shirts for our fundraiser too.  We’re going to make shirts that look like the Buc-ee’s shirts.



If you’re not from Texas, you may not know about the awesome place called Buc-ee’s.  It is the best road stop ever.  They have it all – food, gas, drinks, snacks, junk you don’t need and t-shirts.  Plus they have the cleanest bathrooms ever.  You don’t pass up a Buc-ee’s.  Oh, and grab some beaver nuggets.  Yummy.



  1. Oh my gosh! If I tried to make kids at our school wear shirts with that picture, I would be put on administrative leave! Maybe not quite that bad, but I know, for sure, that the kids would NEVER wear such a thing. Unless, of course they thought they were annoying someone. But even then, i had trouble getting yearbook kids to wear any kind of shirt, even the ones they designed themselves. Only losers dress alike, was their comment.

    • That’s so sad. My kids usually like our yearbook shirts because we try very hard to mimic t-shirt trends to make sure that the shirts fall in the range of acceptable “coolness.” We’ve had a lot of people comment on our shirts at workshops and conventions. I guess my kids are also “yerds.”

      We’re not wearing the beaver on our shirts. That’s Buc-ee’s logo, but LOTS of kids at my school wear Buc-ee’s shirts. They are all the rage right now.

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