YLYB #23: Our New Yearbook Rep.

Today, my yearbook rep. came by the school and taught my three yearbook classes.  She worked on selling yearbooks and ads with them and even offered them a prize for the top sellers.  That’ll be a big help I hope.  We’ve been sliding in both ad sales and copy count for several years.  Last year, we were able to reverse the copy count slide and even grow – in a recession!

This year, our goal is to increase our ad sales – especially business ads, and also increase our copy count even more.

My rep. “S” did a decent job trying to fire up the troops and give them some needed info, help and CANDY!  (Ssshhh, I’m sure we violated some candy police state policy.) So, the kids are more excited than they have been in the past about selling books and ads.  Lets hope we can turn that into sales.  Plus I didn’t have to prepare a lesson for three periods today.  (Big Smile)