YLYB: #25: Feel The Heat

It was hot at the football game yesterday.  The temp was about 94, plus humidity.  And the scoring was both early and often.  We won 48-0.  I saw three of my former yearbook editors in the stands during the second half.  Despite the heat, we had a pretty good time.

The game was actually really quick – 2 hours and 15 min. including halftime.  I think they may have evoked the slaughter rule in the second half and run the clock continuously.

The best part is that the first half was played in the daytime.  Because it was a Saturday game, we started at 6 p.m.  The sun was still up at halftime.  We got a lot of great photos in the daytime sunlight.  Because our school colors are black and gold, our home – black uniforms don’t show up well against a night sky.  So, it is always exciting when we have a daytime or even early game where we can shoot in the sunlight.

I am excited about our next game, because the band should be wearing their uniforms by then.  Due to the hot Gulf Coast temperatures, our band wears jeans and white polo shirts the first three weeks.  I think they are smart to do so.  Those black band uniforms must be sweltering.  But they do look better than the polos.