YLYB #27: The Work is Never Done

So far this week, two days – have not left school before 4:30 p.m.  We are working hard to catch up.  Not going to camp really put us behind.  We’ve been trying to get there, but with only 45 min. a day, it’s just not happening.  So many of my kids are in band, choir, drama, dance, etc. this year that we are not making progress as fast as I would like us to.

I finally got the CSV file to merge properly with the yearbook database for sales today!  Yeah me!  (Yes, my nine year old watches Suite Life)  We are beginning to put our sales info into the computer.  We also have teacher photos and want to schedule student photos soon too.   Additionally, we want to have some focus groups with students in the library this month.  Scheduling all this has been a ton of work.  My kids are pitching in and we are getting it done, but the pace is slow.