YLYB #28: New Crew, New No Comment

I know this is not yearbook, but my TV News kids are having trouble getting Asst. Principals to go on camera for comment.  Now, we are not talking about an expose show here.  We are talking about a news you can use piece on how to get a parking tag.  We haven’t had student tags for parking for at least three years.   So, it’s new.  Kids don’t know how to get one.

No A.P. will go on camera, neither will the secretary who gives them out.  We only want simple info about the tags like the price, requirements, etc.

What I’m worried about is that this will set a precedent for the yearbook staff.  We have a tight margin on getting yearbook pages to the plant.  If we can’t get the info we need in a timely manner, it will set us back and we may never get on track.  I really need to know that the kids have a go-to A.P. for this kind of stuff.  It is frustrating.