YLYB #29: Good, Bad & Ugly

Today was one of those days.

The good was a veteran teacher thanking me in the hallway today.  She was appreciative of the email I sent out to the staff that told them about my yearbook kids beginning to interview.  It’s nice to hear when you’ve done something right.

The bad was my office door lock is jammed up.  It won’t work with my key.  The master key seems to work fine, but not mine.  I put in an emergency maintenance request.  Let’s hope it gets answered soon.

The ugly was an asst. principal telling me one of my yearbook kids was suspended for cursing after school because his FRIEND’S cell phone was taken up.  Ugh – his friend, really?  Why did he care?  And it’s not a new rule, cell phones have been baned and enforced since school began this year.

Such is life.



  1. You sure teach in a different world. Suspended for cussing. Wow, the whole school would be out if that was done here. Detention? Yeah, but even then that is pretty tough. And cell phones, just don’t use them during class time.

    • Yeah, we have a new sheriff in town. Our old principal didn’t care if the rules were followed or not. The new one is very serious about the rules, especially cell phones, tardies and dress code.

  2. Wonder if the new sheriff will get very tired very soon. It’s hard to wrangle wild horses.

    • It is indeed. We’ll see how it goes. I’m still hoping for the best.

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