YLYB #31: Missing Out on Photo Ops

We’ve missed two photo ops in the last two days – volleyball game and a blood drive.  We have to do better.  It’s tough because I only have 10 experienced kids right now.  They are working hard, but missing assignments.  I need to crack down on them, but not too hard.  Finding that right amount of toughness is going to be difficult.  They need to know that we can’t keep missing photos, but I don’t want them to shut down or give up.

My kids really need a reward for hard work and then a kick in the pants for missing some assignments.


  1. This is definitely one of the hardest things to judge… I know you put it there briefly, but I do think that balancing when to praise and when to add constructive criticism is probably the hardest thing a journalism educator can do.

    I’m a student myself, but I participate with my campus radio station at school. One of my roles at the station is giving kids feedback on their sports updates because of the overall lacking in quality. In a day I could listen to a fantastic update, and the next hour I could listen to one that’s not up to par.

    What is hard for me is judging how much criticism I give to each student, mostly because I want each one to improve. So far, it’s been manageable to give more basic feedback to those who need it, and more detailed responses to those that are further along.

    It’s great to hear I’m not the only one with this problem; I’m interested to see how you handle these situations moving forward!

    • No one is more interested than I am. We discussed the missed photo assignments the other day and I’m still not seeing a big increase in students wanting to step up to take pictures. It is a work in progress. I remain hopeful.

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