YLYB #36: And Then There Were Batteries

It is a good thing too.

Last year we were blessed with brand new Apple iMacs and Adobe software.  We waited a long time to get a lab with all new computers running the same OS and software versions.  But Apple, in their brilliant minds, decided to ditch the cords for mice and keyboards.  Now, I have a love/hate relationship with the wireless, bluetooth ones.  I love them when they work, which is MOST of the time.  But they have two flaws in a lab setting.

1) They are bluetooth.  This is an arcane art, similar to voodoo or druidic magic.  Keeping the keyboards from syncing to another machine accidentally is frustrating at times.

2) They run off AA batteries.  This is similar to how teenagers run off soda and pizza.  It means that we have to keep a supply of the non-eco friendly things around all the time.  I like rechargeable things – iPods, laptops, digital camera batteries, etc.  Why apple didn’t make the stand of the iMac a recharging station for the mouse and keyboard is a mystery.

And then there is the combined issue of 1 and 2 – when the batteries are replaced, the mice lose their minds and try to sync up with any computer that is around.  They like to play the field.  It is frustrating to get them all synced back to their proper workstations.  And the batteries like to fail in a cascade – not all at once.

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