YLYB #38: T3P0 Teacher – Student Relations

Today, I had a student complain about a teacher not letting him interview a student.  So, I emailed the teacher and tried to remind her that the students are only allowed to interview one day a week and that basically she was hurting that student’s grade.

She emailed me back by saying the student needed to be more polite when entering a classroom.  He didn’t follow our established procedure on asking for an interview – at least not according to the teacher.  I will talk to him as soon as possible.

This is just one of the many reasons people don’t want to be a yearbook advisor.  What other teachers have to be negotiators between 17 year olds and adults?  It doesn’t matter how many times you go over the expectations, some of them don’t see, don’t get or don’t care about those expectations.

Tomorrow, I won’t be in my classroom for the first time this year – for a workshop.  We’ll see how the students do without me.