YLYB #39: The Day Out!

A day away from your classroom is scary for any teacher.  Media teachers have it harder.  There’s a lot of equipment to secure beforehand.  And then there is a lesson to plan.

Unlike teaching a traditional class (I have taught Government and US History), there is no textbook for most journalism or media classes.  This also means no ancillary materials like worksheets for the days when you must have a substitute.  This makes lesson planning for a sick day or workshop that much more difficult.

I did make it back to my class about two minutes before the final bell.  There was no sub in my class last period.  The kids, however, did their work.  I am anxious to see how many periods had a sub.  I was told my sub did not show up during 1st period, but they sent a backup sub to cover during 2nd period.  I guess we’ll see what tales will be told tomorrow.

I do know that the equipment was still right where it was supposed to be and the classroom had not burned to the ground.  So, that by itself is a good thing.

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  1. I found that yearbook and multimedia students usually take very good care of the equipment because they know they need it, and they do the work because they know it needs to be done. My subs always loved my classes.

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