YLYB #62: Short Day Shows Time Lost

We had an early dismissal yesterday.  Our normal 44 min. classes were reduced to 30 min. classes and we left at 11:30 instead of 2:30.  We attended every class as usual, but no lunch was served.  It wasn’t great that we lost nearly 15 min. in a class.  But it really showed me how much time we spend each day just dealing with lunch.

We really need a bigger cafeteria.  We waste so much time doing four lunches.  If we had a cafeteria that could handle half the school at once, we could do lunches in less time and commit more time to classes.  I know lunch is important, I’m not advocating less time for lunch. But we just don’t do it very well, since we spend nearly two hours a day dealing with just lunch.

Back to “normal” on Monday.

YLYB #61: No Room In The Inn (Gym)

We are doing the picture day shuffle.  No it is not a new dance.  It is the crazy stuff we have to put up with in order to find a place to take our underclass individual photos.

Our auditorium is under renovation – for the third time in the last 16 years.  Each time it happens, we undergo a series of displacements.  When things can’t go on in the auditorium, we get moved to the gym or the cafeteria or this time it looks like the library.

I like the librarian, she is a nice person.  But the space is really too small for the likely 60-80 kids who will be in there nearly every period for two days.  This is likely to be a no-fun zone in about two weeks.


YLYB #60: So Much To Do, So Little Staff

Once again our little staff is getting slammed.  We are up against teacher and underclass photos.  It is starting to be so much stuff to do and so little staff to do it.  While we are getting stuff ready for underclass photos, we also have teacher pictures.  In the middle of a deadline and we need to get receipts out to students.  If that is not enough it is the end of a grading period too.  It just seems like we need about twice as many students as we have.  In fact our last two advanced staffs were about that size.  Smaller is not always better, neither is bigger.  But we are just so busy.

And I’m tired.  Old and tired.

YLYB #59: You Gotta Recognize

I think it is important to recognize our students when we can.  This year I’ve instituted a Photo of the Week.  I look through the student photos every week and post what I think is the best one.  The kid gets a mention and we get even more exposure on our school web site.  Plus it pushes us to take photos of something every week.  I think it is win-win all the way.  Maybe we’ll have photo of the semester and photo of the year too.

YLYB #58: Meeting’d To Death

If we have any more meetings on my campus, I may have to just go totally crazy.  I have not had a week without a meeting lately and they all seem to fall on days when I need to check yearbook pages.

I really need to look at yearbook pages, but I was in another Academy meeting today.  It is just crazy.  Too many meetings, not enough time in a day.


YLYB #57: Why. So. Serious?

After nearly two months of school, the senior staff of the yearbook is finally facing the facts that there is a lot of work to do, and only so much time left to do it.  If only they had seen this a month ago.

But, some people only seem to get motivated when their back is against the wall.  We are out of room for retreat.  So, it is time to move forward and create a good yearbook.  I know these kids can do it, they just have to find the motivation inside themselves.

It was really good to see so many of them come by and put in work outside of class.  I’m hopeful they are sensing the seriousness of our situation.  The time for the Joker is gone, now we better settle into being Batman.  There’s a yearbook to save out there.

YLYB #56: Differing Opinions

In the last three days I’ve had two teachers call me stating that students were rude to them during an interview.  This is unacceptable to me and both students were put on notice.  Should it happen again, their privileges to leave the classroom will be revoked.

These are not the first students to ever mouth off to a teacher or be too loud, but I have a very low tolerance for it.  As a journalist, you need to know that you should be very careful before you burn a source.  Sources have a way of getting back at you – so don’t teachers.

What struck me was that neither student felt they had done anything wrong.  They pretended to be hurt that anyone took offense.  But my teaching credentials weren’t printed yesterday, I’ve seen this brand of student before.  They knew exactly what they were doing.  They think a Press Pass is a license to do whatever they want – and get away with it.  They are wrong.  Should they test me again, they will be sitting in the classroom cooling their heals with some sort of book work, while the others go out on interviews.