YLYB #41: You Can Never Train Enough

OK, training, workshops and yearbook prep can get boring in big gulps.  But in small doses, I am always up for another yearbook workshop – especially for InDesign or Photoshop.

Today I attended both in one.  The workshop was sponsored by my publisher and was run by the most excellent Hal Schmidt, Hal is your Pal.  Hal has been a friend since my Pagemaker days.  Yes, that long.  He is the guru of geekdom and the prince of software.  He asked me if I was going to be bored, because it was mostly basics.

I told him, that I would learn at least one new thing.  I was right. I learned a bunch of new, or at least different ways to do old things.  I have enough material on my laptop for at least five new powerpoint presentations.  I promise to post it here when they are done.

So, the four hours of Saturday training were worth it!