YLYB #45: All The Live Long Day

Today was a long day.  I had student photographers out taking photos nearly all day long.  They were shooting spirit week photos of spirit day, plus we had a group on campus from the administration building, then after school we had the homecoming parade.

I got to work at 6:30 am and left work at 5:30 pm to take my son to an event at his elementary school.  I was picking up dinner around 7 pm – what a long day.  And tomorrow will be another one – Homecoming.  We have an alumni reception at 8 am, a pep rally at 9:30 am, and finally the game at 7 pm.  I expect to finally crash around 11 pm.  Thankfully, I only live about 5 min. from our football stadium.


  1. I think I’ve figured out the answer to this, but I almost want to be corrected.

    First, do you take photographs for the yearbook/newspaper?

    Second, do you oversee the photographers as they are taking photos?

    Third, how do you get out of your classroom to partake in these activities?

    – fellow YB adviser 🙂

    • First, I only take photos as a “backup” photographer for must get assignments like homecoming – king/queen crowning.

      Second, I oversee photographers whenever I can – football games, parades, etc.

      Third, these are after school activities.

      Please tell me what you’ve figured out.

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