YLYB #48: Second Place

Most of my yearbook kids this year seem to put yearbook in second place when it comes to activities.  They almost all have something else that they place a higher priority on.   And our commitment level or lack thereof is really showing it.

I try to be understanding, and also remember that I myself participated in more than one activity in high school.  But I also did my best to give each one a full level of commitment.  They want to be on yearbook staff without actually doing any yearbook work – or at least that is how it seems.  There is also a distinct lack of desire to lead.  They don’t want to be in charge of anything or responsible for it either.  It is mildly frightening.

I’m open to suggestions from anyone out there.

YLYB #47: Getting into it

Yesterday we really started the yearbook in earnest.  We have designed our first layouts, assigned the pages and are picking photos.  Now begins the hard work of actually assembling the  elements into a yearbook spread.  We always seem to need to hit the ground running right after homecoming.  So, here we go!