YLYB #49: Testing Gods Appeased……For Now

The great gods of testing had to be appeased.  The sacrifice of a school day, and more importantly (to this blog) yearbook time to be handed up to the all powerful testing cartel is now officially finished.

Like a great number of schools across the land, we sacrificed at the alter of PSAT today.  We halted school for about 80 percent of our instructional time to take this test.  If I was the kind of person to get ulcers (I’ve had a few) then I might have freaked out about this – we have a major deadline coming up.  But I’m zen.

I think zen sets in after 15 years of yearbook, or your first ulcer – whichever comes first.  I’ve learned that there are three types of things in the world – things I can change, things I can’t change and things I could change if I actually had any influence (which I don’t).   I’ve learned to stop worrying about the first set and to just gripe and complain about the third set.  The second set is so small, it is really easy take care of.

Thus I am in the land of zen.

But testing in it’s many forms still sucks up too much time, energy and resources from all of the schools across this nation.  When will we learn that it is a false deity?  It promises much, but delivers so little – and at a cost of what?  Time.  Money.  Our souls.

Back to our regularly scheduled programming tomorrow.