YLYB #50: Now That’s Crazy

Thursday started off like any normal day.  But it sure didn’t end that way.

I had just finished by second Intro to Yearbook class’ lesson on using a schedule guide and our school’s web site for information, when all heck broke loose.  We were all escorted from the building – our whole building was evacuated.  We are in a separate building from the main school.  And then sent to the library.

We then were sent to the auditorium for the rest of the day.  This was all due to a mishap in a teacher’s class involving chemicals.

The administration acted quickly and with the best interests of the students in mind.  But when the authorities got involved, they all had to make sure they did 110 percent to ensure the safety of the kids.  I’m not against safety, but I know that most of what was done was simply having every possible agency “ensure full compliance.”  This is 21 Century Orwellian speak for look like we are doing something, so people agree we did something.

Nothing that was done, was wrong.  It was fully the right thing to do.  But we still lost another day of instruction.

I’m just longing for a week where all of my students attend all of my classes.  And there are no interruptions of any kind.

I know, that’s just crazy talk.


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