YLYB #52: Saturday The First

Sixteen years ago, I first instituted Saturday yearbook meetings.  So many yearbook staffers are members of band, cheerleading, dance team, sports, etc.  They have after school practice, meetings, etc.  But Saturdays are relatively free from this drama (no offense to theater arts).

So, we meet on Saturdays 4-5 times a year.  We come at 8 am and leave at noon.  We bring breakfast, dress is casual (pajamas are welcome as long as they are appropriate) and music flows (nowadays it is earbuds and ipods – it used to be CDs in the CD player at loud volume).  But it is amazing how much work we get done in four hours.  Whole layouts went from blank pages to 70 percent finished today.

But the downside was that we only had a half crew.  A number of staff members did not show up.  So, I had a pow wow with the top editors.  I told them that now is the time to take control of the staff.  This is their book, they must make it.  We are behind on our first deadline, and that does not bode well.


  1. What do you do about staff members who do not have access to reliable transportation?

    • We live in a relatively small town, even though it is in a large urban area. Many kids can walk to the school, and those who can’t usually depend on parents or each other for a ride. They often spend the night at each other’s houses the night before and come as a group. We find a way to work it out.

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