YLYB #54: Cake and Resignation

My photo editor called it quits today.  I knew she was not doing well for some time, but I wasn’t sure why.  She told me she wants to go to our accelerated school to graduate early and then join the Air Force.

We had an emergency editor pow-wow and we now have a temporary photo editor.  She didn’t want to be named the permanent photo editor.  We’ll see how she does.

Oh, yeah – there was cake.  Post-birthday cake.  The cake was killer – brownie bottom cake.  Yum.  Made by the new temporary photo editor.

YLYB #53: Birthday Post

Yesterday was my birthday.  Of course I was at school.  In the yearbook game, you can’t afford to take off a day when you are on a deadline cycle.  Someone better be ill before you can do that.

But, one of my yearbook kids did bring me a piece of cake.  Today, I will be headed to the DMV after work to renew my daughter’s driver’s permit.  All in a day’s work.