YLYB #56: Differing Opinions

In the last three days I’ve had two teachers call me stating that students were rude to them during an interview.  This is unacceptable to me and both students were put on notice.  Should it happen again, their privileges to leave the classroom will be revoked.

These are not the first students to ever mouth off to a teacher or be too loud, but I have a very low tolerance for it.  As a journalist, you need to know that you should be very careful before you burn a source.  Sources have a way of getting back at you – so don’t teachers.

What struck me was that neither student felt they had done anything wrong.  They pretended to be hurt that anyone took offense.  But my teaching credentials weren’t printed yesterday, I’ve seen this brand of student before.  They knew exactly what they were doing.  They think a Press Pass is a license to do whatever they want – and get away with it.  They are wrong.  Should they test me again, they will be sitting in the classroom cooling their heals with some sort of book work, while the others go out on interviews.