YLYB #58: Meeting’d To Death

If we have any more meetings on my campus, I may have to just go totally crazy.  I have not had a week without a meeting lately and they all seem to fall on days when I need to check yearbook pages.

I really need to look at yearbook pages, but I was in another Academy meeting today.  It is just crazy.  Too many meetings, not enough time in a day.



  1. Not if the meeting isn’t worthwhile, but I always got a lot out of our Academy meetings because we discussed actual students and how we were helping them. Most meetings are just procedural and without merit.

    • Our Academy is still just getting off the ground. What we want is for the academy to really mean something and we are worried that everything we are doing will come to naught because no one really is pushing Academies as much as last year.

      • I hear you.

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