YLYB #62: Short Day Shows Time Lost

We had an early dismissal yesterday.  Our normal 44 min. classes were reduced to 30 min. classes and we left at 11:30 instead of 2:30.  We attended every class as usual, but no lunch was served.  It wasn’t great that we lost nearly 15 min. in a class.  But it really showed me how much time we spend each day just dealing with lunch.

We really need a bigger cafeteria.  We waste so much time doing four lunches.  If we had a cafeteria that could handle half the school at once, we could do lunches in less time and commit more time to classes.  I know lunch is important, I’m not advocating less time for lunch. But we just don’t do it very well, since we spend nearly two hours a day dealing with just lunch.

Back to “normal” on Monday.