YLYB #62: Short Day Shows Time Lost

We had an early dismissal yesterday.  Our normal 44 min. classes were reduced to 30 min. classes and we left at 11:30 instead of 2:30.  We attended every class as usual, but no lunch was served.  It wasn’t great that we lost nearly 15 min. in a class.  But it really showed me how much time we spend each day just dealing with lunch.

We really need a bigger cafeteria.  We waste so much time doing four lunches.  If we had a cafeteria that could handle half the school at once, we could do lunches in less time and commit more time to classes.  I know lunch is important, I’m not advocating less time for lunch. But we just don’t do it very well, since we spend nearly two hours a day dealing with just lunch.

Back to “normal” on Monday.


  1. We always only had one lunch but the school put lunch carts around campus so kids could pick up their lunch in various places. few kids actually eat IN the cafeteria anyway. The take their food to go unless the weather is really bad, which isn’t usually the case here. We only got 30 min for lunch.

    • We get 27 minutes. But there are four lunches.

  2. Whoa, I just read that 44 minutes for class! Yikes. We had 57 minutes. How do you get much done with only 44 min?

    • We really do teach bell to bell. No choice really.

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