YLYB #78: Back it Up, Or Cry

I bought two brand new 1.5 TB network drives earlier this year.  They let multiple users share data – like a mini LAN.  We keep all of our yearbook files on these drives.  Well, actually, we hadn’t moved them over yet.  They are still on the old 1 TB drive, with no backup.  This morning, the drive did not want to start up after it’s Thanksgiving rest.  I was panicing.  After two startups, it did boot and I immediately made a backup.  So, tomorrow, is moving day.  All data will go to new drive number uno, and drive dos will be the backup.  Scary.

YLYB #77: And Then There Was Lunch

The teachers at my school were surprised today with a barbecue hot dog lunch.  The dogs were freshly cooked on a real grill by one of the assistant principals and served with trimmings and condiments.  It was nice to get that surprise and I sent an email to my AP and principal to show my appreciation.  I know that they are used to me griping, so a happy email must have been a pleasant change.

YLYB #76: Keep it Organized

I started out the year with good intentions.  This is the smallest yearbook staff I’ve had in several years, and they are also inexperienced too.  So, that means we have to think smarter, not work harder.  So, I had a plan to use Adobe Bridge to organize our photo library.

It was working well until October.  The month of craziness.  It all fell apart, but now that the football season is over, we are working hard to get the photo library tags cooking again.  This is so helpful when you need to find a good photo of a cheerleader or an athletic trainer.  I hope to have all the tags going by tomorrow.

YLYB #75: They Aren’t Worried – Yet…

My yearbook staff hasn’t responded to the mandatory tutorial time, except the editor in chief who has been there after school every day.  I told her today, that she needs to talk to them.  They aren’t listening to me.  I’m glad she cares enough, now the rest of them need to do so too.


YLYB #74: The Blog About Nothing

Yesterday, we had a meeting to discuss our budget process over the last  year or two.  The meeting was a shocker.  I can’t really tell more, but I’m still in shock.  That’s why I didn’t write a post yesterday.  Needless to say, it didn’t make my ulcer any happier.


YLYB #73: The More You Know…

The more you think you know, the less you actually know.  I steeled my nerves to tell my advanced yearbook class that they would need to stay after for at least one hour a week, every week until we get back on track.  This will be mandatory tutorial time.

Most didn’t complain, and some actually seemed happy that I was making it a requirement.  I guess the more you think you know about your staff, the less you actually know.

Cool Links #102: The One About…Wow Has It Been A Month

I have not been able or had enough energy to post a links post in more than a month.  My bad, as the kids say.  I think, with football season over, they will come out with more regularity.  Here’s the backlog of links.

1 – This photo must have hit with the emotional punch of the 9/11 Towers.  Sure England was a nation already at war when the Blitz hit, but the bombing of their capitol had to come as a surprise to most Londoners.


The Blitz

The Blitz


2 – The Newsosaur says that Deadlines Don’t Matter, and for a print product I would agree.  But you must own local and you must be online first and more importantly you better get it right.

3 – Here’s a tool that you can use for a lesson, LIFE Magazine’s Timeline creator.  I think you could come up with topics for students to create timelines of famous photos from the archives.   (Thanks to FreeTech4Teachers)

4 – This is a great graphic of movies about high school.  It is however, missing Never Been Kissed – best high school movie about journalism.


High School Movies List

High School Movies List


5 – The Digital Photography School dPs has a super useful post about how to use your zoom lens for composition rather than just to get closer.

6 – I’m pretty sure I first saw this on the Principal’s Page blog, but it is a great comic about this movie that makes it look so easy to turn around schools by just turning them over to the “supermen” at charter schools.

7 – Photojojo has a few tools for telling if a photo has been faked.  Worth checking out.

8 – Petapixel blog has a copy of the first ever digital photo – not from a digital camera, but from a scanner in 1975.

9 – The Web Design Ledger has a couple of useful digital photography “cheat sheets”.  This one has a good f/stop, shutter, ISO diagram (pdf).

10 – I know a lot of video shooters don’t know a monopod from a broken tripod leg, but I think as many shooters become one-man-bands, they are going to get to know the value of a good monopod.

11 – I am a big Mac fanboy, but I do know how to use a Windows PC.  But I still wouldn’t trade the ease of use and tight integration of my Mac for desktop publishing, video editing or web design.  Windows 7 is pretty good, but you are still at the mercy of the hardware makers.  I still think Mac hardware is still the best, Natania Barron does not agree.

12 – OMG, I have already shared this video with my photojournalism class.  Next year, it will be day one.  They were very quiet.  Thanks to the Reynolds Institute.

13 – Posted without comment.


Privacy - Not Found on the Net

Privacy - Not Found on the Net


14 – If you didn’t know, or had forgotten like I had, Ansel Adams also took some important photos that documented the tragedy of Japanese internment at the Manzanar center.  Just check it out.

15 – The yearbook blog has 15 Terms every yearbook student should know.  I agree.

16 – Most of the famous photos I’ve shared are US centric, but this is also an important moment for journalism – L’Affaire Dreyfus and journalist Emile Zola.  He stood up for a Jewish army officer in the French army accused of treason.  Anti-Semitism was just as bad in France as in Germany.  There is a great movie with Richard Dreyfus in it called Prisoner of Honor.


L'Affaire Dreyfuss

L'Affaire Dreyfuss

Have a good week.