YLYB #63: Situation Normal, All Fudged Up

SNAFU is an acronym I learned as a child.  My father was in the Army and you learn all kinds of acronyms.  This one was not explained to me until I was a teen, but I knew it meant nothing is going well.

SNAFU is where we seem to live in our yearbook staff right now.  We are understaffed and the staff we have is not the “take charge” and “get ‘er done” bunch.  They are plodders who get the job done, but in their own time frame.  We seem to roll from one fire to the next fire.

I’m trying to get them some help.  I’ve recruited two photographers for next semester.  They can also help the business staff in their free time too.  This might get things on a more normal keel.  Let’s just keep a positive attitude.  SNAFU!