YLYB #64: The Jacketman

The letter jacket fitter was on campus today.  And, like much else, the scene for the day was chaos.  With new administrators, come the reinvention of every wheel.  Jacket fittings are no longer handled by the sponsors, but chosen by those with corner offices.  So, with little warning and lots of running around, my yearbook peeps got fitted for their jackets today.  It has been a crazy four-alarm kind of day.  But I continue to remain mostly zen.  I have no power over when, how or why today was the chosen day.  So, I calmly told the kids to just get fitted and the details will work themselves out.  There wasn’t even any complaining about it from the front office.  Zen is good.

I do think it is important for students to get rewarded for their efforts.  Yearbook is hard enough, and this year it has been extra hard.  So, I’m excited by the fact that my kids are still getting their letter jackets.