YLYB #65: Fundraisers Suck

I hate fundraisers.  Almost as much as I hate posts that delete themselves and have to be retyped.

Fundraisers are education’s way of telling us just how much schools are not funded to the proper levels.  We basically have to sell our souls, and in this case some t-shirts, in order to purchase things we really need.  I’m not talking about frills.  Other kids raise money to go to Disney World or New Orleans.  We raise money to go to yearbook workshops.  Basically, yearbook kids volunteer for extra school during the summer – on their own dime.  Who else does this?  This is not cheer camp or band camp – it is serious, go to class, do homework camp.

And no fundraiser ever goes off without problems.  This time it was names on the back of the shirts – I really mean – no names.  So that mean a refund to at least 30 people.  The paperwork for a $4 refund – joy!