YLYB #67: The Pepperalli

It is a joke around the yearbook room to call Pep Rallies, Pepperonis.  We have a lot of fun about it.  Today was the last one – the senior pep rally.  It is always hardest because none of the seniors want to take photos or do any yearbook related stuff during the pep rally.  That leaves it all up to the juniors.  This year there are only four in the advanced class, but we got the pep rally shot and all is well.

I’m always glad/sad for football season to end.  Football season is by far my favorite.  I played football and was in the band (yes, I went to a very small high school).  I love all of the spirit of football season.  We don’t have anything else quite like it in Texas.  The homecoming, parents night, senior day, cheerleaders, dance teams, bands, and of course the game.  I also like the weather turning colder.  We are near the end.  The good thing is that the seniors can stop obsessing about “senior moments” until prom.  They can actually get busy working on the yearbook.  No more after school practices for most of them.  No more senior things to do for a while.