YLYB #69: Photo Day Part Uno

The big day has finally arrived.  After starts, stops, rescheduling and much drama – we finally had a photo day.  It was a fairly normal one too.  Lots of issues to deal with during first period.  Getting things rolling, people complaining, scheduling off for two teachers or so and a class with no cards.  All fairly well solved by 2nd period.

Most everything went as planned.  Burning the backup DVDs right now as I type this.  Then tomorrow, I will dump the photos on our hard drive.  I am always nervous until I have multiple backups.  I’ll take a photo of the setup tomorrow to post here too.


  1. Does your class actually take the photos, or do you work with a photography company? I’ve NEVER gotten the photo DVD on the same day!

    • We take the photos ourself. Great teaching moment for my student photographers, I figure they are almost as good as the college kids the photo company used to send me with a couple of hours of training.

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