YLYB #75: They Aren’t Worried – Yet…

My yearbook staff hasn’t responded to the mandatory tutorial time, except the editor in chief who has been there after school every day.  I told her today, that she needs to talk to them.  They aren’t listening to me.  I’m glad she cares enough, now the rest of them need to do so too.



  1. The building in the photo of the London Blitz is St. Paul’s Cathedral, which through the superhuman efforts of the RAF was saved from German bombs. Rather than a picture of shock and despair, it is a scene of defiance and tenacity, in that the cathedral is still standing through the smoke and fires of the bombing.

    • Thanks for the extra bit of info. The link to the iconic photos blog has the complete history of the photo and the circumstances. I can imagine that it was still something of a shock for a country that missed out on the horrors of WWI, only the British military saw the actual fighting. This was the beginning of the Blitz, which of course was the measure of British nerve and tenacity versus everything the Nazi’s could throw at it.

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