YLYB #80: Book Keeping

I hate selling.  I went to college to be a writer, ended up a TV reporter/producer/director/editor.  And then I became a teacher.  Nowhere did I have any desire to become an accountant or work in sales.  In fact, I despise anything to do with selling stuff.

The way I figure it, if you want something, you will buy it.  If you don’t, you won’t.  I hate all the garbage about advertising appeals and pitches, etc.  I hate collecting, counting and accounting for money even more.

It is a necessary evil when it comes to yearbooks.  Today, I turned in yearbook sales money.  The amount of paperwork involved to account for each sale is amazing.  In addition, we keep a database in a secure online server as well.  The total work of making one payment for a yearbook is easily five minutes of data entry, printing, filing and accounting.

I don’t even want to talk about selling yearbook ads.

YLYB #79: Hard At Work

My kids are finally putting the hammer down.  We have made great strides in completing the people pages and the fall activities pages.  This is a big section of our book and it is good to see it finally coming together.