YLYB #81: Shooters, Designers And Plodders

I guess every staff has them.  The kids who like to take photos, the designers, the writers and finally the plodders.  Every kid seems to have their specialty.  It makes me wonder how will we find these all-round solo journalists of the future.  I know that I am fairly competent at most journalism skills, but I love design and shooting.

I guess every kid has the things they like and the ones they don’t.  But the plodders drive me crazy.  They aren’t bad, they just aren’t good – but they are solid at keeping at it.  They are very much in the middle at everything they do.  They keep at it, even if it takes forever.  Unfortunately we don’t have forever – deadlines loom large at this time of year.  The plodders seem like their only goal in life is to make sure we don’t make a deadline – ever!


  1. I hear you.

  2. My staff seems to be comprised mostly of plodders this year. They certainly do drive me crazy…

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