YLYB #88: The Lack of Party People

I have been encouraged enough by the progress made by the staff, that I allowed them to bring food while we finished pages today.  Few did.  It was the most depressing lack of participation in a party I’ve seen in a long time.  Sad.


  1. If your kids are anything like mine were, there may be no snacks or goodies at home to bring on such short notice. We usually had two weeks notice for parties because it might take that long for kids to get something put together to bring. Very sad.

    • Usually mine jump at any chance to bring food. There “seemed” to be the usual number of unofficial holiday gatherings in classrooms. I didn’t even think about the current economics of holiday parties, even though I discussed that very thing with a student today. She was complaining about how many gifts she had to buy for “secret santas.”

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