This is The End

I have fought against it, but I have to admit that I am blog-fading.  There are several reasons for this, so I think I will share this with you.

1 – I don’t teach much journalism anymore.  This year I’m down to two journalism classes – yearbook and broadcast journalism.  I no longer teach newspaper, photojournalism or intro to journalism.  I’m teaching many more technology applications classes – desktop publishing, web design and video tech.  Next year I mostly likely will add Digital Art and Animation.

2 – I’m more involved outside of school, both in my son’s scout pack and my church.  That leaves less time to blog.

3 – I’m using my district’s Moodle server and much of what I used to post here, I now put up there.  I really enjoy my Moodle, and I wish there was a place to back it up online or a way to share it without taxing the district servers.  If I find it, I promise to share.

4 – Economic, my former two-income household is a one income household and I’ve been spending more time helping mi esposa find a new job in this wreck of an economy.  Texas laid off tens of thousands of teachers and so, finding a teaching gig is not easy with 4-5 applicants for every new job.

So, at least for the near future, this blog will go dormant.  I will leave it up for those who still find it useful and may occasionally post something here.  I hope to share more via Twitter – you can follow me at teach_j.


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