Cool Links #73: The One About The Crazy Week

This week has been crazy.  I was out for a couple of days last week and we had a half-day on Wednesday.  So the week was busy and crazy.   So, everything was actually normal, total madness as usual.  I’m looking to get back to sanity with some cool links.

1 – Teachers At Risk blog has a poignant post with this missive on student failure.  Here in Texas, the Houston ISD is looking to punish teachers when students don’t make the grade on the state mandated test.

2 – Next up is a neat video collage of the year in magazine covers.

3 – The recent wave of additional advertising failures in print has set off a new round of blogs ready to write the obit on newspapers in printed form.  Some are already crafting the lead graph.  I still think the jury is out.  I’m bullish about lean, mean online news organizations, even when others are not – but I still think print products are a part of it.  The SimsBlog has a great addition about the two big lies killing newspapers.  And OJR has a powerful, fact-filled post on the future of a business model for newspapers.

4 – A couple of weeks ago, I was in a bad mood and grousing about not being an Edublog nominee, but I AM listed on’s 100 Best Education Blogs of 2009.  What a great list, I feel like the lucky one to be invited to this ball considering the company I’m in.  I also got a mention and a quote in a slide show by Free Tech 4 Teachers, because I responded to a question he asked about what we learned in 2009.  (That’s me on slide 7)

5 – If you ever have to be your own IT dept. either at work or at home, then you may know the hell of dealing with printers.  Keeping them running properly is a black art.

6 – Next Up:  The 11 Most Painfully Obvious Newspaper Headlines.  News at 11.

No Really?

No Really?

7 – This quiz is supposed to be just for fun, but I honestly have a quiz like this for my video tech class.  I scored a 90%.  Full transparency.

8 – As a photography teacher, I’ve been somewhat afraid of metering modes for years.  DPS has an informative, short post on the most common metering modes and how to use them.

9 – Here are 8 Things that College (High School) Newsrooms Need to Change If You Haven’t Already.

10 – The 2 ¢ Blog is back with Banished Words from 2009 – so, Chillax and Tweet me after I friend you.

11 – This one speaks for itself

Especially English Teachers

Especially English Teachers

12 – We’re about to start up a new WordPress install at my school for the student newspaper.  So, we need to check out the best/most popular blog designs.

13 – EZ Tech Integration wrote a great response to an Op-Ed Piece in the NY Times about teachers, time out of class and substitutes.  I’ve written about the joys trials of taking a mental health day or even a real sick day myself.  People in “real” jobs where you get an hour for lunch and don’t spend weeks around germ filled children have no idea what being a teacher is really like.

14 – This is how the world really sees journalists as portrayed by TV reporters.

What TV Reporters report on

What TV Reporters report on

15 – BBC News has a retrospective of 2009 in Pictures.  My favorite is still the US Airways plane in the Hudson – zero casualties.  Who says the media never reports good news?

16 – This is fun and educational – A Visit to Copyright Bay.  I guess the Pirate theme is just too easy to pass up on.

That’s a well rounded bunch of links.  Speaking of well rounded – I’ve made more negative progress on my quest to lose pounds.  I’m now +4 since I started.  Not good.

Best In Show: Journalism and Tech Blog Awards

As I have been recently spurned by a prestigious teacher blog, which shall remain nameless – I will now give out my own end of the year awards.  I went through my RSS reader and checked every entry.  This is also a good year-end idea.  I found more than a dozen blogs that were DOA (Dead Online Assets).  For a blog to qualify for this list, they had to have regular posts at least 2-3 a month.  They had to have posts as recently as December and most importantly I have to like the blog or find it insanely useful.  Some categories have multiple winners, because they are just that good.

Best Resource Sharing Blog:

Free Technology For Teachers

10,000 Words

Best How To Blog – Reporting

Advancing The Story

Best How To Blog – Video

Bob Kaplitz Blog

Edit Foundry

Best How To Blog – Photo

Digital Photography School

All Wedbdesign Info: Photoshop

Best Industry Blog

Best Industry Blog – TV Station

Viewfinder Blues


Journalism Professor Blog

Notes From A Teacher

Journalism Teacher Blog


The Scholastic Scribe

Teacher Blog

Betty’s Blog

Happy Chyck Wonders

Technology Teacher Blog

Teach Paperless

Best Teacher Podcast

Wicked Decent Learning

Administrator Blog

The Principal’s Page

Best Collection of Teacher Written Blog Content

The Teacher Chronicles

Pictures of the Day

Wall Street Journal Photojournal

Best Humor Blog for Journalists

Overheard in the Newsroom

What The Duck

Probably Bad News