YLYB #118: Not Enough Days

There are just too many pages left and not enough days to finish them.  We have 56 pages to finish and only 6 more days to finish them.  The kids are plodding like we have a month left.  I may need a Nexium drip before this is all over.

YLYB #116: That Magic Moment, When Kids Step Up

We were still dragging about 6-8 pages from our last deadline – and they were far overdue.  One student, in particular, was testing my patience on a relatively simple Q&A box.  He interviewed the wrong grade, took the wrong photos and was generally finding a way to make everything take too long.

Finally, one of my second year students stepped up and ran with the ball.  She volunteered to “help” this student finish his page.  In the end she took it over and finished it in one class period.  She knew what needed to be done and did it.  No questions asked.  This page has been dragging too long.  It is magic when they do that.  Step in to solve a problem and not involve the yearbook teacher.

YLYB #111-112: Dragging Kicking And…

Actually there is very little kicking or screaming.  It has been more like passive resistance.  Ghandi-style work refusal.  They’re not gonna take it anymore.

The yearbook staff is grinding towards a deadline, but they just don’t seem to have any gear except low.  We make progress every day, even on a Saturday.  We reduced 44 unfinished pages to 18.  But it just seems like we aren’t making enough progress.  Finally going to upload pages on Monday.

YLYB #110: The Last Inch

We have at least 40-60 pages that only need a few final touches to get them ready for shipping.  They are so close to being finished – they need one caption or two.  Maybe they need a few grammar or spelling checks.  Or a photo is not CMYK.  But my little page miners are making pages so slowly, you might think Gutenberg himself was hand-cranking the presses.

It is maddening!  But such is the life of an adviser who will not send a page that has not been check properly.

YLYB #109: This Is Yearbook!

Imagine the really cut dude from the movie 300 and the pit he is standing over is all the work needed to finish the yearbook.   You are the other guy, that he is about to kick into the pit.  This is how I feel.  It never ends.   Sales, pictures, pages, editing, corrections, uploading, teaching —– aaaaahhh!

I need a snow day.  Too bad we NEVER get them in Houston.  And no one ever wishes for a Hurricane Day.

YLYB #108: There Is an I in Pie

One of my favorite movies is Shaun of the Dead and one of the funniest, yet most underrated scenes is the one where Shaun is trying to pump up the kids who work at his workplace.  And in that scene he says that “There is no ‘i’ in team, but there is one in pie…meat pie.”  You have to appreciate British humor.

But my students need to work on their teamwork right now.  We are behind schedule, yet they don’t seem too interested in helping anyone else out.  I’m working on them, but so far, no luck.

YLYB #103-5: Panel Page Problems

We are deep in panel page territory.  It has been a tough couple of days because we are flowing our panels ourself for the first time.  The software provided by the publisher is actually easy to use and works.  But we are hitting lots of snags on our own end.  But progress was made today.  The senior panels are flowed!  Oh yeah.  Corrections are being done, pages are moving towards the plant.  Progress is being made daily now.  Oh yeah.

YLYB #101: Done Quick or Done Right

We could have more yearbook pages done by now, but a few years ago, I decided that we would do the pages right.  That often means we can’t do them quickly.  I could let things slide, or I can be hard on them and make sure every detail is correct.  And really, I am there to teach them, so why not teach them right.

We did put up some pages on the wall today!

YLYB #98: The Heat is on

Not just because it is January, which it was actually a typically warm Texas January day – but because we have to turn in pages.  The good news today was that one of my former yearbook kids, who gave up yearbook, because it conflicted with Calculus will be returning to yearbook.  So, that was a pleasant surprise.  But we are under the gun to get some pages to the plant.   Aaaaahhhhh.

YLYB #87: The Second Saturday

Last Saturday, we held our second saturday meeting of the year and had very poor attendance, less than half the staff.  So many excuses, so little time.  I am going to hold them to their deadline and dock their grades accordingly if they don’t finish.