JTools For Journalism and Media Teachers

I borrowed this idea from Tools For News, but I am going to try to focus this on just tools scholastic (high school and middle school) journalism programs can use.  With a focus on free!  But of course some tools cost money.


  • Audacity:  (Free PC/Mac) Audio/music editor
  • GarageBand: (Free Mac) Audio/music editor
  • iPodDisk: (Free Mac) iPod management tool
  • Senuti: ($18 Mac) iPod management tool
  • Zamzar (Free PC/Mac) online file converter; converts many audio formats


  • Blogger.com (Free PC/Mac) Online blog with free hosting (I used to blog here)
  • WordPress.com (Free PC/Mac) Online blog with free hosting (I blog here)
  • WordPress.org (Free PC/Mac) Free to download blogging software, you need your own host, which will cost $

Images / Photography

  • Zamzar (Free PC/Mac) online file converter; converts many image formats

Social Networking

  • Facebook (Free PC/Mac) Online profile and friend service
  • Twitter (Free PC/Mac) Microblogging / social networking service
  • Wired Journalists (Free PC/Mac) Social networking for journalists via Ning (a great social networking builder)

Text Tools/Newspaper Tools

  • Open Office (Free PC/Mac) Open source office suite
  • Google Docs (Free PC/Mac) Online Office suite
  • My High School Journalism ($50 One-time fee PC/Mac) Online high school newspaper hosting from ASNE
  • Newsroom Director ($129/year PC/Mac) Online story editing, management, storage and staff management software. Never lose a story again.  Specifically built for high school newspapers.
  • Neo Office (Mac) Open Office specifically for the Mac
  • Zamzar (Free PC/Mac) online file converter; converts docx to doc and others

Video Tools

  • Flash Video Downloader (Free Mac) Download flash videos to your desktop to use later
  • Flip4Mac (Free-$179 Mac) Converts WMV files to Quicktime
  • Handbrake (Free PC/Mac) Rip segments from a DVD to use in class under Fair Use terms
  • Jing (Free PC/Mac) Screen-capture software to record tutorials while you do them on your desktop
  • Quicktime Player (Free PC/Mac) Standard video player for tons of video on the internet
  • Quicktime Pro ($29.99 PC/Mac) Download Quicktime files with one click and edit simply and quickly
  • Perian (Free Mac) The Swiss Army knife of Quicktime, converts tons of video to Quicktime
  • Screencast-o-matic (Free PC/Mac) Flash based online screencapture software
  • Tube TV (Free Mac) Download YouTube or flash videos to use in class later
  • Wimpy FLV Player (Free PC/Mac) Play FLV files in their native format on your computer
  • Zamzar (Free PC/Mac) online file converter; converts many video formats

Web Design

  • Access IT (Free PC/Mac) Web design curriculum via the University of Washington
  • Firefox (Free PC/Mac) Web browser that is better than either Explorer or Safari
  • HTML Dog (Free PC/Mac) HTML and CSS tutorials and how to’s
  • W3C Schools (Free PC/Mac) HTML, CSS, Javascript tutorials and how to’s
  • NVU (Free PC/Mac) Web authoring in HTML, CSS or WYSIWYG
  • ThumbsUp (Free Mac) Batch thumbnail maker

Web Tools

  • Google Reader (Free PC/Mac) RSS Feed aggregation tool to keep up with blogs much easier
  • MediaFire (Free PC/Mac) Free online file storage and hosting

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