Syllabus: Web Design

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First Six Weeks:

Unit 1:  Designing & Planning Web Pages (Access IT)

Second Six Weeks

Unit 2: Creating HTML Documents (Access IT)

Third Six Weeks

Unit 3: Creating Style Sheets with CSS (Access IT)

Fourth Six Weeks

Unit 4: Creating and Using Web Graphics (Access IT)

Using Search Techniques:  Advanced Google Search (pdf), Boolean Searches (pdf),

Fifth Six Weeks

Unit 5: Site Managment (Access IT)

Sixth Six Weeks

Unit 6: Using Web Authoring & CMS Systems (Access IT)


  1. Hi . I was wondering how many days a week does your web design class meet and are you facilitating the online class or taking the course material and “teaching it”.

    • I’ve had a web design class that met every other day and one that meets every day. I think the every other day works better because it is a longer period and allows for more project time. I wish that I was just facilitating, but I have to teach and re-teach the material and create many projects in addition to the curriculum. For example, my class is still not getting the concept of CSS and its value. So, after the break, we will try it again.

      I also use the materials from the W3C school ( and HTML Dog (, plus a lot of other stuff like how to use Google, Photoshop (for graphics and HTML pages), and more.

      I hope this answers your question about “teaching it.”

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