Syllabus: Newspaper Production

Newspaper Production Class

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Resources:  Student Press Law Center,

Fall Semester ( Weeks 1 – 18 )

Week 1:

Create Newspaper Staff Constitution and Contract

Lesson 1:  1st Amendment & Scholastic Press Freedoms

Lesson 2: Scholastic Press Legal Issues

Week 2:

Lesson 3:  Ethics & Scholastic Journalism

Resources: KRG Guidelines For Journalists, Journalism Ethics 2.0,

Lesson 4:  Making News Decisions: What Is News?

Lesson 5:  Interviewing & Note Taking

Week 3:

Lesson 6:  Drilling Down To Story Ideas

Lesson 7:  Using Headlines To Focus On Story Crafting

Lesson 8:  Starting Writing: Find Your Voice

Week 4:

Lesson 9:  Starting Writing:  The Lead

Lesson 10:  Writing The Story: Quotes & Attribution

Lesson 11: Story Organization For News & Features

Week 5:

Lesson 12: Using AP Style & Proper Grammar (2 Class Periods)

AP Copy Editing Marks (San Diego State Univ.), Our Local Style Guide, Grammar Girl Podcast, Newsroom 101

Lesson 13:  Entering Copy Into The System (ASNE Online Newspaper Guide PDF)

Week 6:

Monday – Budget Meeting

Tuesday – Question Writing/Interview Day

Wednesday – Printing A Newspaper: Budget, Ad Sales, Etc.

Thursday – Interview/Writing Day

Friday – Rough Drafts Due

Week 7:

Monday – Budget Meeting / Final Drafts Due 4:00 pm

Tuesday – Question Writing/Interview Day

Wednesday – Printing A Newspaper: Long Form Journalism

Thursday – Interview/Writing Day

Friday – Rough Drafts Due

Additional Lessons:


  1. Robert,
    I noticed you had contributed to our blog.

    Thank you for joining us through the blog for our 2009 ASNE Reynolds Institute.
    Mark Webber

  2. I’m a fairly new newspaper teacher looking for some guidance. How to assign topics/articles to students… fairness or workload, and how to grade! If you’d be willing to help, I’d love to either see any files you’re willing to share or schedule a phone interview. Thanks for your consideration! Stephanie Hudson, Monroe, Washington

  3. I think your site is great. Last year was my first year teaching journalism. I was way in over my head with two yearbooks and a very tiny newspaper staff. I was glued to your site during my Spring PJ class. I had a lot of help with my J1 class, too but sadly I still feel overwhelmed going back this fall. I have an 18 week Journalism class and a lot of “stuff” but no real direction.

    Any ideas?? I’m too frazzled as is…


  4. p.s…I’m looking at your Newspaper production class and trying to expand off of that but any other ideas would be awesome!! 😀

    • Not really teaching newspaper anymore. Sorry to say.

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